Zero Tolerance 0095 Limited Edition – a high-quality knife

Zero Tolerance 0095 Limited Edition - a high-quality, well-made knife

Zero Tolerance 0095 is a vivid example of how successful geometry, highly valued on a budget EDC knife, grows after thorough refinement and finding all the possibilities for improvement, to a magnificent device that makes a real sensation at knife shows and in the minds of fans of image accessories knives.

What KAI marketers clearly can do is to understand the mood and desires of buyers of the company’s products. It is to them that we owe the continuation of evolution from the budgetary division of Kershaw to the primal model of the knife world – Zero Tolerance 0095.

Zero Tolerance 0095 Limited Edition - a high-quality, well-made knife
Zero Tolerance 0095 Limited Edition - a high-quality, well-made knife

In 2015, Kershaw, based on the successful geometry of Kershaw Thistle, launches the higher Kershaw Link and Kershaw Launch 1 in America, and after the success of these knives, Cinderella turns into a Princess and Zero Tolerance appears under the expensive Zero Tolerance brand and in premium materials 0095. Although, of course, “Princess” is an allegory, because certainly Zero Tolerance 0095 is an elegant Prince.

0095 became the device that people who are known among friends as connoisseurs of expensive and high-quality knives began to acquire in their collections and for use. The affordable price and, correspondingly, the massiveness of its budget predecessors embarrassed such people, known for their picky approach to choosing a knife, who were embarrassed to present their new knife, Kershaw Link, against the background of expensive devices.

It was Zero Tolerance 0095 that was able to solve the dilemma of “buying a knife with the geometry you like or not risking your status as a” picky knife connoisseur “.” Solid full-size dimensions, expensive materials, a charismatic and stylish appearance, plus the ability to choose a model from the limited edition Zero Tolerance 0095 Limited Edition have become an invaluable gift for those who were embarrassed to get from their Kershaw pocket.

Zero Tolerance 0095 Limited Edition - a high-quality, well-made knife

The Zero Tolerance 0095 blade is a modified compilation of two blades – Kershaw Link and Kershaw Launch 1. From the first knife, our “prince” received an aggressive narrowing of the shape of the blade to its tip, due to a sharp decrease in the line of the butt, and in practice, an exact repetition of the section of the chail and fin flipper. From the second knife, the 0095th acquired a more EDC-wide blade and a slightly modified ridge on the butt.

In fairness, I must say that Launch 1 with a less pronounced hump, located a little closer to the handle, is more convenient for practical use of the comb as an emphasis on the thumb. At the same time, a brighter ridge, located a little closer to the tip, looks much more stylish and charismatic, which is certainly more important for an image accessory with an individual design. The blade is made in the form of a Drop Point of powder steel with a good viscosity S35VN, with very high (almost 3/4 of the width of the blade) straight descents.

A completely thin tip (not weakened by a false blade that does not reach it) on a 3 mm thick blade allows you to perform “picky” work of moderate severity, and a rather thick mix (in the region of 0.6-0.7) suggests that it is possible to solve quite serious with a knife power tasks (for example, cut the wire). The butt of the blade forms a straight line with the back of the handle and after a small straight section ends with an ascent to a protruding decorative false blade.

On this climb, it’s quite convenient to place your thumb (a little more extended than on Launch 1 fencing grip) during precise work. The belonging of the knife to status accessories is confirmed by the chic finish of the blade – thin satin on the slopes and false blades and stonewash on flat areas in the limited model Zero Tolerance 0095 Limited Edition and a tungsten-containing DLC ​​coating with a stonewash treatment (BlackWash) carried out on top of it.

This design is simply obliged to attract the admiring glances of friends and deliver aesthetic pleasure to the owner. The blade is removed using the flipper fin, which in the open state forms a fairly large guard. The spectacular lightning-fast flipp is provided by the Kershaw Velocity Technology (KVT – seven-ball bearing with a cage made of polymer material) proprietary system and the well-calculated force necessary to overcome the resistance of the child ball.

Slightly ahead of consideration of the handle, I want to say that the absolutely correct location of the clip on the handle creates an excellent emphasis for the middle and ring fingers, necessary at the time of the flip – the fingers themselves lie on the clip, and not on the lock frame, which makes it difficult to remove the blade.

Zero Tolerance 0095 Limited Edition - a high-quality, well-made knife
Zero Tolerance 0095 Limited Edition - a high-quality, well-made knife
Zero Tolerance 0095 Limited Edition - a high-quality, well-made knife

The Zero Tolerance 0095 handle is structurally similar to the icon of the EDC knives – Chris Reeve Sebenza 21. The open design is made of two polished titanium dies, a stop pin, anodized large curly blue bonko and a powerful original axial screw. Stonewash (or BlackWash, depending on the model) is made on top of the dies, which perfectly connects the blade and the handle into a single design composition.

The concept of “nudist” forms the image of an aristocratic puritan, which also fits perfectly into the expensive image of a knife. But the shape of the handle is made in the style of Kershaw Link and similar knives that bewitched many people. The same pistol bend, which, together with the fin guard, provides confident control of the knife in all grips and the complete absence of notches and sharp edges, so unacceptable to the gentleman’s palm.

A large sub-fingered parallelepiped-shaped recess (like Link) does not provide access to a trivial liner, but to a powerful and solid Frame Lock. The lock frame is equipped with a steel cracker to reduce frame wear and prevent it from sticking to the heel of the blade. The emphasis of the clip on the handle prevents the frame from bending back.

The double-sided clip (tip-up only), which is tight and high (well extending from the handle plate), helps fill the palm and does not bend the hand at all. The second clip that comes with the kit allows you to carry the knife more discreetly due to the installation site wrapped inside.

Zero Tolerance 0095 Limited Edition - a high-quality, well-made knife

As a result, Zero Tolerance 0095 turned out to be exactly the knife that many professional collectors and thoughtful users wanted to have – a high-quality, well-assembled expensive knife with high performance. And they were offered the opportunity to choose either the catchy model Zero Tolerance 0095 Limited Edition, or a serious and somewhat gloomy knife in the design of BlackWash. Everything for you, dear Zero Tolerance fans …

Zero Tolerance 0095 Limited Edition - a high-quality, well-made knife
Zero Tolerance 0095 Limited Edition - a high-quality, well-made knife
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