Super knife Cold Steel Code 4 cts xhp

“Code 4” of Cold Steel, known for creating strong and reliable knives, is positioned as a tool for representatives of army units and law enforcement.

Any knives used by the military have a number of mandatory requirements: compactness, reliability, convenience in everyday use, weight and size of the handle should not burden the fighter’s equipment.

The name of the product did not come about by chance; American police officers have their own code to indicate regular and emergency situations. The phrase “Code 4” in this classification means: “there is no need for help.”

Cold steel code 4 cts xhp

For each of its products, Cold Steel makes a unique cardboard box with a picture of the model on the front side. The tool itself is manufactured in Taiwan. The knife is placed in a plastic bag. Two clips are included. One is already mounted on the handle. The second is in a separate package, if necessary, it can be fixed with three bolts on the other side, having previously unscrewed the first.

Cold steel code 4 cts xhp
Cold steel code 4 cts xhp

Blade Cold Steel Code 4

The knife is completely made of metal. AUS-8A or CTS XHP steel is used for the blade. There is a galvanic coating on the blade, designed to protect the metal from corrosion in the campaign or when completing a task when the owner does not have the opportunity to properly care for the product. Code 4 is perfectly centered. The blade opens with a click, when closing the blade with the central screw, you can slightly adjust the ride so that the blade itself drops to a certain point. A slope line is drawn to the thin tip, which allows you to make holes in various materials. Flattening 0.5 mm at the cutting edge and 0.9 mm at the tip. The concave descents of the blade make the cut easier and more aggressive. The weight of the knife is only 120 grams. Total length 216 mm. The company produces blades in several form factors: SplintPoint, Clip Point, Tanto and other sharpening options.

Cold steel code 4 cts xhp

Handle Cold Steel Code 4

The handle is made of anodized aluminum in dark gray. The spacer is completely closed. The design is fully collapsible, to separate the two parts of the handle, you need to unscrew a few screws. The axial screw is regulated by large Torex only on one side. The handle is made of anodized aluminum in dark gray.

The spacer is completely closed. The design is fully collapsible, to separate the two parts of the handle, you need to unscrew a few screws. The axial screw is regulated by large Torex only on one side.

Cold steel code 4 cts xhp

Lock Cold Steel Code 4

To fix the blade, the patented Tri-ad Lock is used, which allows you to close the blade using the triple locking technology. To open the blade, a peg is provided with a slot and thread at the base, with a screwdriver it can be rearranged for use with the left or right hand. Traditionally, Cold Steel places at the base of the handle several holes for the lanyard and double-sided removable clips for fastening.

Cold steel code 4 cts xhp

The knife is great for daily use as a working tool, conveniently located on a belt or pocket. In addition, this is one of the most budget options in the Cold Steel line. In this price category, it is difficult to find something lighter, more compact and at the same time convenient for everyday use.

The knife can be opened in three ways: inertia by sliding the blade by the peg, with two hands using the Tri-AD Lock.

Despite its size, “Code 4” is very functional, it fits in the palm of your hand, the notches under the fingers provide maximum contact with the surface and prevent utterances from the hands. The bevels are removed neatly without burrs. Code 4 is easy to use with forward, reverse, and fencing.

Under the thumb, notches are made for better emphasis, which do not stick and do not leave dents on the skin. Easy sliding of the finger on the handle ends with soft sticking at the stop located on the handle. In daily household use, Code 4 will become a reliable assistant for every man.

Cold steel code 4 cts xhp
Cold steel code 4 cts xhp

Compared to other knives with similar technical characteristics, “Code 4” looks more compact, thin, lightweight. Models with a wider handle and a pronounced emphasis for the finger, as a rule, have an extra 20-40 grams of weight. Cold Steel is a real competitor to traditional knives in this target category. In most samples, the blade easily opens with one finger, but the lock itself is not reliable and breaks when hit with the tip.

For daily safe use, there is no better alternative to the system of protection against accidental opening than the Tri-AD Lock technology does not exist. If an ordinary lock can withstand a load of 20-30 kilograms, the patented lock can withstand a load of 300-500 kilograms, which has been repeatedly demonstrated by company employees.

Cold Steel is one of the few manufacturers to constantly test their products and show results in videos. All products are tested for strength and durability. This is one of the few knives that does not raise questions about the technical characteristics or its cost.

The owners of “Code 4” leave a lot of positive feedback about their experience using this model. The handle does not catch the skin, the steel is pleasant to the touch and does not cool the hand at all. The knife has no horizontal or vertical backlash, the details are fitted very clearly.

There are several modifications of the product from different grades of steel and with various types of sharpening the blade. Sophisticated ergonomics allows you to use the knife in any situation. A lock with triple protection blocks the possibility of closing the blade upon impact or pressure on the tip. Continuous wearing on a belt of trousers or jeans does not cause discomfort.

Cold steel code 4 cts xhp

Findings Cold Steel Code 4

Looks like Cold Steel managed to achieve an almost perfect balance between quality and value. The only drawback is the clip, which digs a little into the hand with strong compression.

This problem can be solved by unscrewing the three bolts and rearranging the duplicating part on the other side. The clip is tight and in its basic form fits snugly enough to attach the knife to a thick belt, you will have to bend it slightly.

Cold steel code 4 cts xhp

Cold Steel always promises its customers extremely sharp sharpening, the knife is ready to use right out of the box. A sharpened blade can easily cut paper and shave your hand. The combination of compact size and operational characteristics allows Code 4 to stand out from its counterparts in the price category.

Due to its light weight, the product does not pull off the jeans pocket and does not stick out of clothing. The 82 mm blade is long enough to carry out most tasks for knives of this type. “Code 4” is the best option among inexpensive knives that meets all the rules of safety, ergonomics, quality of materials and their processing.

The knife easily cuts meat, planes wood, is capable of punching thin sheets of metal. High quality steel, does not slip when hands become wet or saturated with grease. This knife is useful in everyday life and is easily integrated into the collection of the most sophisticated connoisseur.

Cold steel code 4 cts xhp
Cold steel code 4 cts xhp
cold steel code 4
cold steel code 4
cold steel code 4

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