Gorgeous Spyderco Native 5 CPM-S110V review

Spyderco Native 5 review  СРМ-S110V


With this knife, SPYDERCO continues to satisfy the needs of fans of the legendary line, produced since 1997, in the production of limited series with a combination of premium materials. For many years, the SPYDERCO NATIVE line has deservedly occupied the top positions in the ratings of EDC knives. NATIVE 5, changing the shape of the blade to a much more presentable and qualitatively improving the composition of the materials used in its production, moved to the EDC niche in the number of premium knives. In this version, we have Sprint Run with premium Crucible® CPM® S110V® steel on the blade and carbon pads on the handle with an amazingly beautiful and tactile texture.

Spyderco Native 5 review  СРМ-S110V

CPM-S110V is a high-alloy martensitic stainless tool steel manufactured by Crucible Industries (USA). It contains a rather large amount of vanadium and niobium, which increase the strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of steel. The carbides in this steel are strong and small, which greatly improves the structure of the steel.

The powder technology of steel production gives a uniform distribution of carbon in the CPM-S110V steel compared to other tool steels, which gives a relatively good mechanical workability and excellent strength characteristics.

Of course, blades with such steel are quite expensive in production and processing, so they can be found only on knives of limited editions, or in custom authoring works.

Spyderco Native 5 review  СРМ-S110V

The higher price of this knife (compared to the standard version) is not an unreasonable overpayment for an active user, but rather minimizes the owner’s costs for frequent editing and sharpening a blade with cheaper steel, because in my vision, the usual EDC use of a knife with steel The CPM-S110V provides it with virtually “eternal” sharpening retention.

From the collector’s point of view, such a knife is not just a “highlight” in the collection, but also a collection item with ever-increasing value, so to speak, a long-term investment that delights the connoisseur’s eye.

Spyderco Native 5 review  СРМ-S110V

So the conclusion was born – the possession of such a knife is the dream of any man – both a thoughtful collector collecting such pearls and a pragmatic user who understands the advantages of this steel and fully justifies the price tag of the knife.

Spyderco Native 5 review  СРМ-S110V

Spyderco Native 5 C41PDBL5 Review

A high-quality, durable thing that you don’t know about when, but it will definitely come in handy, be it an ordinary household problem or emergency actions. He took the place of replacing the “Magnum” knife, bought in the late 90s.

Brand Spyderco

Spyderco is an American company that produces knives and care products. It was founded in 1978 by Sal Glesser. The first Spyderco knife, model C01 Worker, was launched in 1981. The company filed a patent for a round hole in the blade, for the convenience of opening with one hand with the thumb, and later achieved recognition of it as a trademark of the company.

Spyderco Native 5 review  СРМ-S110V

Native Model: The first Native knife was created by Sal Gllesser himself in 1997. At the heart of its creation was the idea of ​​an ergonomic compact knife for everyday use. Double deep subdigital recess with approach to the blade, allows to extend the working length of the handle.

Native 5 Model:

The fifth generation of the Native knife differs from the previous ones by changing the outline of the knife. Specifically, C41PDBL5 is distinguished by the absence of metal slider handles, which greatly facilitates the weight of the knife, the use of premium powder steel CPM S110V for the blade.

The knife has an advanced Back Lock, which securely locks the blade in the open position, and together with the Spyderco Round Hole and a universal four-position clip, it makes wearing and using this unique knife fully double-sided. There is a hole under the lanyard.

Packed in a box with a branded brand in the shape of a spider – the Spiderco sign – on a foam pad and decorated in black and red.

CPM-S110V steel is considered the best blade available on the market today. This is a high alloy martensitic stainless tool steel made by crucible metallurgy (CPM).

The manufacturing process begins by spraying the melt from a homogeneous bath through nozzles at high pressure in nitrogen to create small spherical droplets that quickly solidify into powder particles.

The small particle size forms micro-ingots, dramatically reducing alloy segregation in steel and providing an ultra-thin carbide microstructure when the powder is processed into finished steel.

CPM S110V alloy combines a high (2.8%) carbon content with a high content of chromium, vanadium and niobium. The result is steel that has exceptional wear and corrosion resistance compared to many other traditional stainless steels.

Spyderco Native 5 review  СРМ-S110V


+ Model of a famous brand, developed and manufactured in the USA

+ Premium steel blade

+ Convenient grip

+ 4-way clip

+ The most affordable among the knives in its category from steel CPM-S110V


– The opening mechanism is taut, it requires some skill when manipulating with a knife with one hand.

I recommend a knife for purchase

Spyderco Native 5 review  СРМ-S110V
Spyderco Native 5 review  СРМ-S110V
Spyderco Native 5 review  СРМ-S110V

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